Liberty Compactors, Inc.

10022 N. Charlotte
KC MO 64155




Don O’Reilly founded Liberty Compactors in 1976 after working for years in the waste handling industry.

“At one point, I decided I could do it from my kitchen rather than at someone’s office,” said Don, thinking back 30-plus years.

As the business grew, Don eventually brought in his son Tim, who now is responsible for business development and applying operational specifications to each job.

“Every job application is a new challenge,” said Tim.

Liberty Compactors remains family owned, specializing in waste reduction equipment as well as recycling reduction equipment. Liberty’s line consists of trash compactors and containers for our end users that require front load, rear load or roll-off units.

An equipment rental program, from 12 to 72 months, is available which includes maintenance and repair. This program allows for buy-out or outright purchase options.

“Liberty Compactor has over 500 units in the Kansas City area that we service 24/7,” said Tim. “Those operations include meeting the needs of some of the largest companies in the greater metro area.”





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